"Shout out"

Keep this song on repeat- some clarity may catch on- oh but you got this thing to the way you stare- this want to stand a little closer to the burning floor- oh its so tempting to cross the lines- with your hand over mine- burning us up with a fever withdraw- but you know as well i- this moment is so tender- so raw to be exposed- we have no position to stand on- im naked as well as you- scared as well as you are- but theres something to the way you stare- a shout out to me- to come closer.

Because Of Muse

You burden the clouds and rupture the moon- a veil of smooth composure with bitter ends- like a whisper long forgotten- your levied meaning fails at seeking- your black and white venom has no wisdom- speaking nonsense to a sour tune. 

- guess who

"Syn"- Guess who

I’m the wretched type- the stitch to your itch- soaked in maroon- im taking to abuse- travel me down below- tie me up’ because of this Syners Soul- oh my brain melts in your mouth- as your body presses mine- your skin pretends to blend with mine- my eyes sink in the lustful heat- my lips so close to the ache- shadows of the past swarm around- your not common- neither am i.

"my body to take but never my soul- theres only so much i will take’ and so much more i will withhold."


i dont have tears to cry me a river of sleep… troubled. my emotionless strain chained to the door- close me- pin me- til you put me down. its just flesh and bone. chemicals freeze the world from spinning- im loosing breath- im loosing the sense- troubled. 

I was never with him. 

Devil me raw- pinch her soul clean- your eyes set still while the world unravels me. sleeping beast- on the left side of my peace- not aware of the karma-seeping through the east. Once broken in two -YOU fool- theres so much to loose. Yet you play dead, attack her inner child instead- not knowing the choice in her hands- HOLDS so much death. You think you’ve won- that you’ve gotten away with it all. Thinking you’ve tricked the heart- but it never escapes the soul. You mistaken the ego as your home- sicken by greed. tricked by your own means to stay unclean. Silly boy..you’ve only made it worse for the those who see- you’ve betrayed your own being-its your MAN MADE CURSE! NOW DONT YOU SEE? She holdS your cards and wont let go of the deceit. but she will crackle and pop as her hearts combusts- it will unleash- she will speak her will and allow your dirty lies to exhale. You’ve fucked with the wrong girl- you stupid boy- you had no clue you’d get caught- but now you WILL be destroyed. 

"I live like a man who’s dead already. I have no FEAR whatsoever of anybody or anything"-X

” when the sun settled on my skin and all that erupted came to a silence- i knew the gun had set off, but there was no blood to spill. Sweating confusion’ They had no clue.  A tare in my flesh showed- a hole in my chest- how hallow my body had become. even when time moved back into motion i stayed pause. Their faces were horrified’ as their humanity grew colder… All because i didn’t hit the floor…” - Guess who

Bang Bang (Baby Shot Me Down) - Nancy Sinatra 

Reble of the sun

Alone gun- you’r as dangerous as they come. a reble of the sun- aim is all it takes. Dont break- theres more life to calculate. 

The Grand Duel (Parte Prima) | Luis Bacalov | Kill Bill vol. 1

Speak Of Whispers- Guess who

"Regret? no not I… my bullets speak of whispers from the rule/ but not of my own. {" your side was always a little lonely"}  remind me- of the pistol- going off- over and over again… lone ranger-The hunter eventually becomes the hunted. -with a blood trail to fallow. BUT’ no baby’ i aint that bad’ just natural born Fuck Up waiting for the curtain to fall.”

(via soundofcinema)

"System of Ataxia."- Guess Who

The paint is peeling off the walls/ the cracks burrow as time continues on- all thats left are splinters of the bygones. a chamber in the keyhole-entering a time zone of antipathy>animosity<revulsion. the malice repugnance absorbs the air- you could choke on the brutality, the exposure is enough to poison a man, a contamination of the human morality, infectious to all/ chosen by some. Its lethal cause is destructive, corrupted by the loving care of the world, its thirst asphyxiates your humanity and turns into shades of disarray. the system of ataxia.

Living Statue- Guess who.

"Clash with me- feel this passion- RAW- dont hold your breath with me- FEEL ME- Empty road? Since ten years ago- living statue/here i am-a hostile creativity- living RED- untouchable/chaos- BECAUSE OF A CURSE/CURE OF EMPTHY AND RAGE-but you bare witness- because so many wouldnt. a shadow in the wind- a echo lost at sea- the only one who stands for me- Clash with me."